Board of Directors
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It consists of 5 members , elected by the general assembly of the Society.
The Board members have to be consultants of good standing in the Neonatology
Members of the board will elect the president, the vice president, the treasurer and the secretary general of the society.

Functions of the board

ensure progress on the objectives and goals of the society by establishing committees responsible for developing guidelines and research, neonatal database, and scientific activities that includes the annual meeting of the society. 

Duties of the General Assembly

  • Issuing the by-laws to conduct the internal affairs of the Society
  • Approving the Society‚Äôs annual budget and its accounts
  • Approving the annual report concerning its activities prepared by the Board of Directors
  • Electing the members of the Board of Directors
  • Approving the annual plan submitted by the Board of Directors
  • Discussing all topics in the agenda, and taking the required decisions.
  • Appointing an external auditor to review the accounts of the Society and his or her remuneration should be determined
  • Selection of an honorary president of the Society according to the nomination by the Board of Directors


The Preseident


Dr Saad Alsaedi

The Vice-President 

Dr Abdulrahman Alnemri


The Treasurer

Dr Abdulhakiem Kattan

 Dr Jubarah Allalah   
Dr. Zakariya Al Salam