Dear fellow Members of the General Assembly of the Society of Neonatal Pediatrics

May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

We would like to inform you that nominations have been opened for membership in the Board of Directors of the Saudi Society of Neonatal Pediatrics in
Its fifth session, starting from 2/20/2024 AD, for a period of ninety days
For those of you who wish to nominate themselves for membership in the next council, according to the conditions that must be met by the candidates
Issued by the National Center for the following non-profit entities:

    • To be of Saudi nationality.
    • He must be fully qualified.

    • In the General Assembly for a period of not less than six months.
    • To be an effective working member
    • He must not be less than (25) years old.
    • He must not be a member of the department responsible for supervising the association at the center or the supervising authority, except with the approval of the center.
    National non-profit organization.
    • He must have fulfilled all financial obligations towards the association
    • A final judgment must not have been issued against him convicting him of a crime prejudicial to honor and trust unless he has been rehabilitated. •
    • The Center’s approval of his candidacy for council membership

      The association saudisns.med@gmail.com
      With the association’s active membership number issued by the (former) membership system affiliated with the Saudi Commission for Specialties
      Health certificate or membership number issued by the association’s membership system.

      • Attach the required forms attached to the documents required to be submitted for candidacy, including in particular a photo

      • National ID card and CV.

      • A valid authority classification certificate.

      • To be a registered consultant in neonatology.