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Neonatal resuscitation program (NRP)is an educational program designed to teach life support skills to all health care providers that are present at the birth of the newborn infant. in the mid 1970s till 1987 the NRP was developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American heart association (AHA), this program is being updated on regular basis and it has been recently updated (2010) to incorporate the latest information on how to manage newborns with respiratory and cardiac depression. nrp training programs for instructors and providers have been launched in saudi arabia, under the care of training centre in several hospitals independently without supervision and assessment of the quality of such courses . the Saudi Council for Health Specialties (SCFHS) approved the Saudi neonatology society (SNS) to fully authorize licensing and organizing neonatal resuscitation program in Saudi Arabia SNRP) (number 100006825 dated 3/12/1431 h).

Our Mission

The Saudi Neonatal Resuscitation Program With leadership from the Saudi neonatology society works together to develop and update elements of a strategic plan to strengthen neonatal resuscitation Program to improve neonatal care in Saudi Arabia .

Our Vision

The vision of SNRP is to be a leading body in the field neonatal resuscitation in the region and internationally under the umbrella of Saudi neonatal society


The main goals and objectives of the SNRP are to improve and maintain neonatal resuscitation practice based on the best available evidence based practice through the following:

To accredit, supervise and monitor all NRP centers (governmental and private) across the country

To develop a comprehensive accrediting process through which NRP centers will be recognized as NRP Training Centre

To standardize the NRP guidelines and actual clinical practice

To perform periodic evaluation for certification and re-certification of the NTC across the kingdom according to the most up-to-date international recommendations

To ensure the NRP courses are performed according to the latest international recommendations and guidelines

To organize lectures, conferences, training courses, and workshops for advance neonatal resuscitation across the country

To establish, across the country, database for the NRP centers and NRP status of the healthcare workers

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Recognized Training
Centers (MOH)

MOH Clinical Skills Center & Simulation Lap
King Saud Medical City
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and research centre
Princess Noura University – Life Support Center
International Medical center (IMC)
King Abdul-Aziz Hospital LTSC
King Abdulaziz University Hospital
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
Maternity And Children Hospital
Soliman Fageeh training center Jeddah
Maternity and children hospital Makah
Technical Skill Development center
Maternity and children hospital Makah
Royal commission Medical Centre
Najran Technical Skill Development Najran
Jizan Technical Skill Development center
Asser Technical Skill Development center
Technical Skill Development center
Al hassa
Al Hofuf Technical Skill Development center
Maternity children hospital
Technical Skill Development center
North West Armed Forces Hospital
Khamis Mushayt
Armed Forces Hospitals, Southern Region
Clinical Skills Center & Simulation Lab

New center need afflation

Aim to spread the Knowle and practice of neonatal resuscitation in area with no training centers

NRP provider and instructor courses (MOH)

We have a contact with Ministry of health for conducting courses for ministry of health nurses and physicians since 2016 which give a support to all MOH staff dealing with neonatal services to improve the quality of care of such population

Saudi Neonatal
Resuscitation Program Plan :