Predictive Value of Nucleated Red Blood Cells in Diagnosis and Prognosis of Asphyxia in Preterm Neonates

Nucleated red blood cell (NRBC) count can be used as a simple indicator for evaluation of the severity and primary outcomes of perinatal asphyxia. The current study has aimed to define the predictive value of NRBC count in the diagnosis and outcomes of preterm neonates with asphyxia.

Diagnostic Clues for Pneumoperitoneum in Premature Infants Through Ultrasonography: Two Newborn Cases

Pneumoperitoneum (PP) is a life-threatening condition that requires urgent intervention depending on etiology. Besides traditional methods for detecting free air in the abdominal cavity, abdominal ultrasonography may be an alternative tool for diagnosing intestinal injuries. We report two premature infants with PP diagnosed through bedside abdominal ultrasonography (BAUS).